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NYC Vaccination Mandate

The mayor and health commissioner of NYC are forcing vaccinations on people who live in Brooklyn.

They say if you choose not to get vaccinated you are subject to a $1000 fine.

I can’t believe this is a thing that is not only happening, but many people actually support.

How is $1000 a reasonable fine for people living in the most free, prosperous nation in the world?

How is any fine for choosing to not vaccinate reasonable?

Where are all the people who were yelling fascist and nazi at other people for wearing a dumb red hat?

A $1000 fine for not putting a needle filled with poison in your arm is the most fascist thing I’ve seen in my lifetime.

I can only wonder what happens if you choose not to pay that fine.

Do they put you in jail with other anti-vaxxers?

Or do you go to jail and then infect all the prisoners? Isn’t that a human rights issue too?

What happened to living in a country where people have the right to choose what they put in their body?

People will stand on street corners yelling at passerby’s to support a women’s right to choose.

People will defend the right to choose what they can and can’t say.

How is the right to choose whether or not to put a potentially harmful substance in their body any different?

I don’t know where people get the idea that vaccinations are this great savior of health.

It’s misguided and wrong.

Knowing what I know, I’d rather let my child get the measles, then poison them with aluminum and mercury.

However, the second you refuse to bow down to the great temple of American pharma you’re labeled an anti-vaxxer, the “N” word for anyone who makes the mistake of educating themselves on vaccine efficacy and production.

If you are someone who has ever called someone an anti-vaxxer, than I can only assume you don’t know the science.

Or the science you do know has been funded by the makers of the vaccinations themselves.

How did we become so disconnected to our human ability to fight non-lethal disease?

Let’s be clear, the measles is not deadly.

This is not to say that people haven’t died from measles.

But statistically speaking, more people have died falling out of their beds than from the measles.

More people have died from lightning strikes than from the measles. More people have died from the chemicals in the measles vaccine than from the measles itself.

If you choose to get the measles vaccine, or have it given to your kids I support your right to do that.

If I choose not to get vaccinated, I am not a threat to you or your vaccinated family.

That’s the point of the vaccine right?

If you’re vaccinated than me being unvaccinated shouldn’t be a threat.

Or is the measles shot like the flu shot where it only works sometimes?

According to many studies complications from measles are due to vitamin A deficiencies.

This points to an issue of malnutrition more than anything else.

If you are deficient in vitamin A than your body isn’t able to do many of it’s most important processes.

These processes include supporting cellular function, detoxification, respiration, among many other things.

If your body can’t do these things then you are creating an environment for disease to thrive.

But how can people in America experience malnutrition?

Have you seen the American diet?

The standard American’s diet has the nutritional fortitude of a slab of cardboard.

Eating a pizza box with cheese still caked on the inside would provide more nutrition than what most American families are eating.

But, this is New York City.

We have a mayor who would rather play politics than actually dig into real solutions.

He’s promised free healthcare for everyone in the city, despite no plans to actually pay for it.

He agreed to bring Amazon and thousands of jobs to the city and then cowered to the democratic socialists when he found out they didn’t like this.

Using context and education is difficult for mayor Bill De Blasio’s administration, so why would understanding public health issues be any different.

It’s easier to tax and fine people than to educate yourself on how the immune system works.

Just stuff a virus with metals and chemicals into a person’s body and if they choose they don’t want it than make them pay.. a lot.

There is one silver lining though.

Mass vaccinations will cause a lot of people to experience health problems.

As a nutritionist, De Blasio has actually created a lot of opportunity for me.

I’m happy to help coach people suffering from chronic disease, exacerbated by vaccinations.

So this administration has created at least one new job!