Balance Brings Peace To The Diet Wars

The Perfect Diet Is A Myth

Are you in search of the perfect diet?

Good luck.

You’re more likely to have an aneurysm before you discover the diet that you can label “perfect”.

In fact, you’ll never discover the perfect diet because it doesn’t exist.

Sorry vegans, keto’s, carnivores, vegetarians, paleo’s, Atkins, Zoners, South Beachers, and all of you in between.  The perfect diet is as tangible health goal as finding Big Foot’s senior prom pictures.  (but that hair tho!)

Dieting these days is a meme.  It’s a social media dick measuring contest.  It’s a never-ending carousel of pictures of flat bellies, food, and doing deadlifts.

Dieting is becoming as toxic of a discussion as religion and politics.

Remember when we used to have a rule that said you couldn’t discuss religion and politics around the dinner table.  Now add to that your trendy diet that holds as much scientific scrutiny as Jesus walking on water or Russia hacking our elections.  (I’m holding myself back on this one)

The problem is that there are now countless books and “experts” in each diet concentration and they all make fairly valid points.

The next time someone tells you about a new study that came out or they quote you a trial out of their Paleo book, keep in mind that most nutrition studies can be scrutinized, even when held to the highest scientific standard.  Randomized, controlled trials.

Every Nutrition Study Is Flawed

When someone says that the vegan diet has proven to reverse heart disease, this simply isn’t true.  The vegan or vegetarian diet in combination with lifestyle factors such as quitting smoking, stress, exercise, and community have shown to reverse heart disease.

No study exists that holds all of these other factors constant with a large group of people who are all of the same fasting blood glucose, blood pressure, and stress level.

There are plenty of 90+-year-olds who have never lived a day in their life without eating some sort of animal product and are doing just fine.

There are also plenty of junk-food vegans out there who will quote you word-for-word every line of Cowspiracy with a “Go Vegan” sweatshirt on barely keeping their muffin top all together.

On the other side, you’ll look all around at the keto movement and the only science that supports eating nothing but bacon, butter, and bunless cheeseburgers are rat and mouse studies.

Unless you live under a New York City subway track, there’s little scientific proof that this diet is actually a long-term diet solution.

Trust Your Gut

So when you’re trying to figure out which works best, you just have to stop, take a breath, and remember that none of these people are you.

You are an individual and you have a very different biochemistry than all of these people trying to tell you which diet is best for you.

You come with a very specific formula and the only way to figure out which diet is best for you is through your own experimentation.

While the vegans will tell you that every egg you eat is like smoking a bunch of cigarettes, most people can live a long healthy life eating multiple eggs a day and surprisingly multiple cigarettes.

Don’t be afraid of eggs.  Eat them and see what happens.

However, don’t smoke. It’s stupid and has been shown to cause disease (not in everyone though).

Eat a steak, or a cheeseburger and see what happens.

Eat a stalk of kale or some quinoa and see what happens.

Chances are you’re not going to have a heart attack, nor shorten your lifespan.


But connect to your body and feel what happens inside.  Do these foods make you gassy or nauseous?

If you have a bad reaction to a food that means it’s no good.  Your body is actually telling you to stay away.

Plenty of people eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables and have these kinds of reactions.  Plenty of people are allergic to nuts and seeds.

But also, plenty of people eat chicken and get bloated and never put it together.

Everyone is different.  This is called Bioinduviduality.

I don’t know if the word “bio-individuality” is a household word yet, but it will single-handedly cripple the crash diet market.

If people connected to their bodies more, there’d be no need to sell people on diets, because people would know what works best for them.

Unfortunately, that’s asking a lot and I know most people aren’t up for it.

Other Ingredients

Know what other ingredients are being used alongside these foods.

No matter what study you look at there is a good chance that it doesn’t take this factor into consideration.

Ingredients like canola oil can totally wreck whatever it is your eating because it rancidifies at a very low heat point and creates toxicity in your body.

Also added sugar is in almost everything now and pretty much everyone agrees that is bad. (except for the one guy in What The Health)

I, myself have been at both ends of the spectrum at one time or another.  I was a vegan who thought I couldn’t do any wrong, and I ditched it to eat bacon every day.

Neither side was necessarily bad, because I have a lot of other positive lifestyle factors that keep my health optimized.

At the same time, I believe in balance.  I can be plant-based while eating an animal. I don’t want to tell myself I can’t eat something because it’s bad.  I might as well say I can’t curse because it’s bad.  Let’s just take that whole idea of “bad” versus “good” out of our vocabulary.

The stress alone of trying to find the perfect diet will make you fat, long before a pad of butter.

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